Michael Carliner is an economic consultant specializing in housing,
construction, demographics, and regional economics. With more
than 30 years of experience performing and managing research, he
has established expertise in analyzing markets, evaluating data,
and communicating information.

As a consultant he has conducted studies for businesses in the
construction, housing finance, and building materials industries,
and (primarily through
Newport Partners LLC) for government
agencies.  Recent research projects include studies of workforce
housing, transit-oriented development, effects of energy efficiency
on home values, mobility and migration, leading indicators of
housing market activity, the impacts of requirements for fire
sprinklers, and international trade in building materials.  Michael
also makes presentations to firms, associations, and other groups
on the housing market and a wide variety of other topics.

At the
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, where he is a
Research Affiliate, Michael participated in a comprehensive study of
rental housing, released in May 2011.

From 1984 to 2006, Michael was Staff Vice President for Economics
at the
National Association of Home Builders, directing activities
related to forecasting, survey research, industry studies, and
analysis of government policies affecting housing and construction.  
He supervised the development of key market indices, including the
Housing Market Index and Housing Opportunity Index, and the
production of three monthly publications. Before that he was
Director of Real Estate and Construction Economics at Chase
Econometrics (1982-1984), Vice President of Regional Data
Associates (1978-1982), and Senior Economist at Dynamics
Associates (1971-1978).

He did his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of
Pennsylvania, where he was a Research Fellow.

Michael works primarily from his home in Potomac, MD.

Michael Carliner
Housing Economist