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May 2002
Millenial Housing Commission
Appointed by the Congress of the United States
Co-chairs: Susan Molinari, Richard Ravitch

July 1991
Not in My Back Yard
Full Report (20 MB)    Front Matter
Report to President Bush and Secretary Kemp
by the Advisory Commission on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing
Chair: Thomas Kean

March 1988
A Decent Place to Live
Report of the National Housing Task Force
Established by Congress
Co-chairs: James Rouse, David Maxwell

April 1982
The Report of the President's Commission on Housing
Full Report (23 MB)   Front Matter
Chair: William F. McKenna, Vice Chair: Carla A Hills
Staff Director: Kent W. Colton

November 1974
Housing in the Seventies
Full Report (18 MB)     Front Matter
A Report of the National Housing Policy Review
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
James T. Lynn, Secretary
    Two volumes of working papers were published in 1976:
          Volume 1  (27MB)
Volume 2   (17MB)

December 1968
A Decent Home
Report of the President's Committee on Urban Housing
Chair: Edgar F. Kaiser
Supplementary Technical Studies:
    Volume 1  (1967-7MB) discussed housing needs and housing programs
Volume 2  (1968-17MB) included studies of housing cost, construction processes and productivity

December 1968
Building the American City
Report of the National Commission on Urban Problems
Appointed by President Johnson
Chair: Paul Douglas

December 1953
President's Advisory Committee on Government Housing Policies and Programs (38MB)
Chair: Albert M. Cole
Appointed by President Dwight Eisenhower
Followed by President Eisenhower's
Message to Congress January 1954

President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership
The mother of all presidential housing commissions was convened by Herbert Hoover in December 1931
and produced 11 large volumes, published in 1932
I. Planning for Residential Districts (11 MB)
II. Home Finance and Taxation (36)
III. Slums, Large-Scale Housing, and Decentralization (13)
IV. Home Ownership, Income, and Types of Dwellings (34)
V. House Design, Construction, and Equipment (47)
VI. Negro Housing (14)
VII. Farm and Village Housing (14)
VIII. Home Repair and Remodeling (13)
IX. Household Management and Kitchens (10)
X. Homemaking, Home Furnishing, and Information Services (24)
XI. Housing Objectives and Programs (13)

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